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Download Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 APK for Android

Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 APK for Android

Download Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 APK for Android

Download Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 APK for Android - Lantern: better than VPN is an app that permits you to freely browse the web without natural restrictions which might be imposed either via nations or some web sites. First-rate of all, you'll get to do it simply via tapping a button, with none style of set up or register needed. You will not even have got to conform to any exact conditions. 

Download Free APK Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 for Android

A different exciting characteristic on Lantern is that it presents a full "newsfeed" inside one of the vital in-app tabs. From the same window that you could spark off your VPN, or take a rapid look at the present day news on Reddit, Buzzfeed, BBC or RT. Tapping on any information publish will, of path, attain you entry to this content from inside the app. 

Download APK Installer Lantern: Better than a VPN 3.6.1 for Android

Lantern is an fine alternative to other usual VPN apps, and it stands out mainly on the grounds that of how incredibly simple to make use of it is. Simply faucet, and you're executed. Getting to observe the brand new information from all over the world while at the same time activating your VPN is a different wonderful characteristic that's without doubt an added bonus.

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Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

Nowadays, practically any relatively inexpensive printer we can buy will have Wi-Fi connection (or at least a network card) that allows us to easily connect it to our local network to be able to print from any device without having to connect it Each time we go to print a document.

Although most often writing and printing from a computer, more and more smartphones are replacing conventional computers that, along with the storage in the cloud that we can use, for example, Google Drive, allow us to have any document hand and if your printer has Wi-Fi, print it directly on it without relying on a computer to do so.

Although there are applications designed to make the printing task easier, in this article we will see how we can print documents on an Android smartphone without relying on more applications than our printer module and the features included in Android.

Install your printer module on an Android smartphone

To set up the printer on your smartphone, the first thing we do is open the settings menu and look for the section corresponding to the printing services or printers.

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

Once inside, you will see a screen where all printers that have configured will be listed that by default (unless our mobile have some advertising agreement) there should be no.

Once there, click on the button " Add service " and we will open a page of the Play Store where we appear many printer modules.

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

We will choose the module from our manufacturer, for example, Epson, we will download it and install it on the device. Once the module is installed, we will return to the print services screen and see how our module appears to us.

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

If we click on it we can activate or deactivate it and, in addition, we can see the printers that are detected in our network.

How To Print Any Document from a Smartphone Android

If our printer appears, we are ready to start printing.

How to print a document from an Android smartphone

To print a document from our mobile Android, we simply look for the document (for example, if we have received via email or downloaded from the Internet) and open it with a viewer or editing program, such as Office for Android or Google Drive.

Once opened, we will look for the corresponding option of printing of this program and we will see a screen like the following one.

At the top, click on " Select Printer " and select your printer, which appear on the list.

Ready. The only thing left to do is to click on the print button that appears on the screen and the task will automatically be sent to the printer, who will start printing it instantly.

We have used for captures a rom of CyanogenMod based on Android 7.1.1. The menus may vary depending on the version of Android we use and the manufacturer's customization layer (eg Huawei's EMUI or Xiaomi's MIUI), although roughly the process will be very similar.

Credit by : Now you can download the printer driver <-- on this
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Download Waze APK for Android

Waze APK for Android

Download Waze APK for Android

Download Free Waze APK for Android - Waze Social GPS Maps and traffic is a fun app stuffed with site visitors and navegation maps and has greater than 50 million users. It permits you to be in contact with different drivers in the field so that you would be able to preclude visitors, retailer time and money, and make stronger each person's daily journeys. 

Download APK Free Waze for Android

Just via retaining Waze open while you force, you might be already contributing quite a lot of traffic knowledge in actual time, so that drivers in the field have an idea of what the site visitors is like. It additionally alerts about accidents, obstacles, police and other things that you simply see. 

Other Waze advantages enable you to search out the most cost effective gasoline stations along the best way thanks to know-how given by using other Waze users. Via being synced with facebook, Waze also suggests you the place you will find your buddies. That you would be able to also find direct routes for a fb occasion with more ease. 

Download APK Installer Waze for Android

Waze is an great GPS for Android. It adds a social component that enables us to get a lot of advantages on the highways due to the usual benefits of GPS packages.

Download Link :

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Download yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone

yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone

Download yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone

Download Free yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone - Yuilop is a instrument with a purpose to enable us to send free common text messages from our iPhone to every other person independently of them having this utility mounted or web access.

We will be able to need internet entry via 3G or WiFi to ship these messages, considering that Yuilop works within the following way: the person 'supports' ads for this application and for that, Yuilop covers the expenses of the message, if you want to be despatched immediately to any phone you need.

Download APK Free yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone

As good as the possibility to send text messages, Yuilop makes it possible for customers to be related in a equivalent solution to Whatsapp, being able to share multimedia documents or establishing real time conversations. Which you could additionally use facebook´s chat to talk instantly through this software.

Download APK Installer yuilop 3.4.5 for iPhone

Yuilop is a first-rate application, given that permitting some advertisements, which doesn´t harm anybody, it is going to enable us to send text messages with out spending a cent. Only if we have internet connection, of direction.

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Flash Xiaomi Redmi 3S Via Windows7 32Bit

Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S

Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S Via Windows7 32Bit
Redmi 3s

Hello.. See you again in this tutorial, you might want to flash again redmi 3s you to the official Rom Rom Xiaomi being trapped in Abal Abal / distributor but GA has a 64bit PC? Just calm, it turns out Windows 7 32bit PC can also flash redmi 3s tablets for you.

This tutorial I re-write of the group FB because I think TUTORIAL This can be useful for you who want to flash Rom Xiaomi to a newer version or experienced Bootlop can also, earlier this tutorial I've tried and 100% successful flash redmi 3s that I wear that Bootlop suffered due to follow tutorial that is not clear. This method is similar to how the difference just another flash in Miflash aja

An easy way Flash Xiaomi redmi 3s Via Windows7 32bit. OK just refer to the materials and how to flash below:

Download Materials Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S

Step Flashing Xiaomi redmi 3S

  • Install Mi pc suite and Miflash BETA tools are downloaded earlier on your PC
  • Extract the downloaded earlier Rom
  • Enable USB Debugging on HP.

Process Execution Flashing Xiaomi redmi 3S

  • Turn off your phone.
  • When the state of HP dies, press Volume (+) and the power button until the logo appears Mi and release.
  • Selection menu will appear, select Download, the HP screen will be blank and enter into Download Mode.
  • Plug the data cable to the PC and HP, will be automatically Install Driver with information Driver "Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008"
  • Make sure the driver is detected correctly, how to open the device manager on the PC and then select ports (com & LPT) make sure the driver is detected Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008
  • Open Beta Miflash tools already installed earlier by Run as Administrator if no start menu try to go to the c: / Xiaomi / Xiaomi Xiaomi flash and select flash.exe by right click and Run as Administrator.
  • Once entered Miflash, click Browse and select the folder that had been extracted results
  • Click refresh on Miflash if the device has not been detected
  • Then select save UserData in the lower right corner Miflash
  • Lastly, the execution click flash in the upper right corner
The flashing process is running just waiting for the flash of his quite long, about 20 minutes late. Once the flashing process is complete, reboot lived her mobile with push the power button until the HP vibrate and just waiting for the boot process is complete, wait until it enters the main menu. HP Taraaaa you've managed to flash to the latest Rom
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Download Xodo Docs 4.1.4 APK for Android

Xodo Docs 4.1.4 APK for Android

Download Xodo Docs 4.1.4 APK for Android
Xodo Technologies Inc.

Download Xodo Docs 4.1.4 APK for Android - Xodo medical doctors is a complete reader and editor for PDF records, because of which that you would be able to read, annotate, signal, and share PDFs. That you would be able to additionally fill in any kind within the PDF and sync all the changes you make with Google drive and Dropbox.

Download Free Xodo Docs 4.1.4 APK for Android

The reading tool has a number of interesting aspects. For illustration, which you could save pages as favorites to entry them simply in a while, or have more than one active tabs with a number of documents. That you could additionally switch between night and day mode with just a contact.

Download APK Installer Xodo Docs 4.1.4 for Android

The authentic force of Xodo doctors, however, is the enhancing software. With its broad range of options, that you can write and draw instantly on any page. You can additionally highlight, underline, add circles or arrows, and sign any document. If you're making a mistake, which you can readily undo it.

Download Tool APK Xodo Docs 4.1.4 for Android

Xodo medical doctors is an satisfactory software for working with PDF documents. It has quite a few exciting features, a easy and dependent interface, and whole integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Google force.

Download Link :

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Download Open GApps 1.1.0 APK for Android

Open GApps 1.1.0 APK for Android

Download Open GApps 1.1.0 APK for Android
Fonville IT

Download Free Open GApps 1.1.0 APK for Android - Open GApps is the legit app from OpenGApps.Org that permits you to rapidly and with ease download the latest up-to-date programs from Open GApps. For the app to work properly, you have got to have root privileges. Otherwise, Open GApps cannot entry the system records the place the downloaded applications will probably be stored. 

Download APK Installer Open GApps 1.1.0 for Android

Open GApps is modest to make use of, due to the fact that the app itself detects the valuable expertise about your device. It's going to robotically inform you the kind of architecture your gadget has and the version of your running procedure. After getting this know-how, you simply ought to press one button to  the down load. 

Download Tool APK Open GApps 1.1.0 for Android

Open GApps is an extraordinarily priceless app for customers who alternate ROMs more often than not or without difficulty for someone who's bought an Android gadget and isn't fully glad with the default apps. In just a few minutes, you could have all of your Open GApps ready.

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