Sabtu, 28 Januari 2017

Flash Xiaomi Redmi 3S Via Windows7 32Bit

Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S

Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S Via Windows7 32Bit
Redmi 3s

Hello.. See you again in this tutorial, you might want to flash again redmi 3s you to the official Rom Rom Xiaomi being trapped in Abal Abal / distributor but GA has a 64bit PC? Just calm, it turns out Windows 7 32bit PC can also flash redmi 3s tablets for you.

This tutorial I re-write of the group FB because I think TUTORIAL This can be useful for you who want to flash Rom Xiaomi to a newer version or experienced Bootlop can also, earlier this tutorial I've tried and 100% successful flash redmi 3s that I wear that Bootlop suffered due to follow tutorial that is not clear. This method is similar to how the difference just another flash in Miflash aja

An easy way Flash Xiaomi redmi 3s Via Windows7 32bit. OK just refer to the materials and how to flash below:

Download Materials Flash Xiaomi redmi 3S

Step Flashing Xiaomi redmi 3S

  • Install Mi pc suite and Miflash BETA tools are downloaded earlier on your PC
  • Extract the downloaded earlier Rom
  • Enable USB Debugging on HP.

Process Execution Flashing Xiaomi redmi 3S

  • Turn off your phone.
  • When the state of HP dies, press Volume (+) and the power button until the logo appears Mi and release.
  • Selection menu will appear, select Download, the HP screen will be blank and enter into Download Mode.
  • Plug the data cable to the PC and HP, will be automatically Install Driver with information Driver "Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008"
  • Make sure the driver is detected correctly, how to open the device manager on the PC and then select ports (com & LPT) make sure the driver is detected Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008
  • Open Beta Miflash tools already installed earlier by Run as Administrator if no start menu try to go to the c: / Xiaomi / Xiaomi Xiaomi flash and select flash.exe by right click and Run as Administrator.
  • Once entered Miflash, click Browse and select the folder that had been extracted results
  • Click refresh on Miflash if the device has not been detected
  • Then select save UserData in the lower right corner Miflash
  • Lastly, the execution click flash in the upper right corner
The flashing process is running just waiting for the flash of his quite long, about 20 minutes late. Once the flashing process is complete, reboot lived her mobile with push the power button until the HP vibrate and just waiting for the boot process is complete, wait until it enters the main menu. HP Taraaaa you've managed to flash to the latest Rom